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After completing post-graduation in commerce I started my carrier as a Financial Planner in the year 2006. During last 6 years I am actively involved in promoting various investment opportunities amongst investors. During these years I have handled various responsibilities in Mutual funds as well as other industries. Further, as an Investment Consultant, I have been providing services like Housing Loan, investments in mutual funds and Life Insurance , Vehicle and Mediclaim and Overseas Mediclaim also.


* AMFI Certified



Now with CPFA  certification by (NISM and SEBI), offer services as Personal Financial Life Planner to support Sustainable Life Style of my clients. I am Committed to be a Trustworthy Family Advisor. AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Advisor.


Mission :


Guide individuals to be financially prepared for Rich, Happy and Contented Life.


Vision :


Be the Trusted Family Financial Life Planner.


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